Output: 40 channels current source; Resolution: 16-bits voltage and current control; size: 16 cm x 22 cm x 5.5 cm; colour: black; maximum DC/power supply input: 32 Volt - 3 Amp; Voltage output maximum on each channel: 28 Volt/ch; Current output maximum on each channel: 300 mAmp/ch; This product includes basic software package (please add option for more features), USB cable, multiconnector board and DC banana connectors.


  • This power controller is suitable for low power applications such as multi heaters on photonic integrated circuits chip or to supply simple circuits with 40 channels inputs requiring voltage and current control. The Xpow-40AX-CCvCV product includes a USB connector, basic software package (please select additional option for more features), multiconnector and DC connector (banana connector) for connection to a conventional power supply.

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