Why using XPOW technology?


Current DC power source on the market:


  • Bulky which need a lot of space

  • Expensive make you think to spend more money

  • Analog control make you need to stand near the equipment

  • Lack of easy and automatic programming - burden working time


Rather than buy a new power supply or stack many power supplies sources, xpow device offers a compact solution to free up your working space and minimize your equipment budget.


Our Xpow products range from 3 to 120 channels of supply capability. With easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), this removes the burden of controlling the supply. All control system is integrated into the software with reconfigurability of input, ensuring the safety of the device under test.


Xpow or smart driver device is designed for low power applications with multichannel output voltage or current to allow or cover as many inputs voltage or current.



What makes us different?


Our driver technology (Xpow) provides a simple way to extend the capability of your multichannel current and power source. By plugin the output of single power supply or DC output, you could extend many output channels as you want and use these for many applications.


What are the applications?


As voltage or current source is the most essential part of any electronic and photonic equipment, Xpow simplifies power requirement for many applications from telecommunication to a quantum photonic system such as:


  • Any multi-DC driver for electronic and photonic devices

  • Dynamic bias controller

  • A current source for a laser diode or temperature controller

  • Heater controller for photonic integrated circuits in ring resonator or Mach Zehnder structure 

  • An OEM solution for electronic or photonic system integration

  • Integrated with a smart home solution e.g. provide a centralized power controller

  • IoT system solution either for a based controller or as power divider e.g. control from battery/solar panel or other DC source. AC-DC converter also available upon request



Xpow video automation demo using MacOS: