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Product Description

Nicslab's XDAC-system is a versatile multichannel source measurement system. The XDAC supports multiple voltage/current sourcing and voltage/current measurement. The system is suitable for sourcing and measuring low power applications from simple electronic circuits to complex photonic integrated circuits.

The XDAC provides independent Multi-channel controller ranging from 8 to 120 channels controlled
by GUI and SCPI through Ethernet port. The system has two modes: Constant Current (CC) ranging
from ±500 mA per channel and Constant Voltage (CV) ranging from bipolar ±2 Volt per channel
(effective at ±18 Volt).


XDAC offers a compact solution to free up your working space and minimize your equipment budget.

XDAC is designed for low power applications with multichannel output voltage or current to allow or cover as many inputs Voltage or current.

What Makes us different?

Our driver technology (XDAC) provides a simple way to extend the capability of your multichannel current and power source. By plugging in the output of power supply or DC output, you could extend many output channels according to your needs and use these for many applications. To get more channel outputs, the XDAC system is able to be daisy-chained.

Now with 3 Models :

The features for XDAC-120MUB-R4G8/XPOW-120AX-CCVCV-BIP in details are:
  • 8 / 40 / 120 Channel Outputs.
  • 16-bits voltage control.
  • 16-bits current control.
  • Enable voltage range configuration through software (technology that enables the user to select the output range with software without lose control of the high-resolution feature).
  • Intuitive GUI.
  • Maximum power output per channel 10 Watt.
  • Save function to create database.
  • Upload function to generate the registrable voltage and current pattern.
  • Sequence function for continuous voltage and current.
  • Short circuits protection.
  • SCPI command support (Python, C# and LabVIEW).
  • SCPI Library (Premium Upgrade).
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux support.
  • Ethernet port

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The XDAC-120MUB-R4G8/XPOW-120AX-CCVCV-BIP is connected with DC Power then you can plug into the Device-Under-Test (DUT or multi-connector). The voltage/current can be controlled through GUI or SCPI command via Ethernet port.

*Please contact us for specific/custom specifications. We also provide custom system integration services.