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Unlocking the Power of Light

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It has been an honor for us to serve our customers and build the devices that help their work. We always put the users' needs first when we create the products.

When the challenge of the internet data traffic is undergoing a dramatic explosion, rapidly transitioning from gigabit system to petabit system generating massive amounts of data that can be analyzed to extract valuable information. Our revival for this challenge is to generate integrated solutions by providing hardware subsystems, automation software, and data interaction for users and devices in a manner that is easy to use, compact, productive, and cost-efficient. Whether measuring power usage, electrical signal, or factory controller to the internet, everyone wants it to be user-friendly, manageable, and accurate. And we can make this happen.


Nicslab is going to revolutionize communications at the speed of light for infrastructure in data centers, instrumentation, AI, and quantum computing with chip-scale integrated electronics and photonics.


Thank you. 



Andri Mahendra, PhD
Founder and CEO of Nicslab

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