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This product is incredibly convenient and straightforward. We especially appreciate the real-time voltage display alongside set values in the GUI, the efficiency of ribbon cable connections for swift board/chip swapping, and compatibility with Python for parameter setting and querying

Gregory P. Sercel & Nemanja Jovanovic Ph.D,

Caltech/JPL NASA

I use a 3-channel XPOW as bias controller for an IQ optical modulator and it works wonderfully. Because XPOW is so compact, I can package it in the same box as my modulator. The software user interface is simple yet so good and intuitive. These features are critical for me in the device prototyping project I have with a few defense contractors in the US. I ended up purchasing a couple of XPOW units and shipping them to these contractors together with the prototype. It is definitely a powerful solution for the control of optical modulators.

Dr. David Marpaung,
Professor at University of Twente

We like the large channel capacity with higher power per channel. The software is pretty good in terms of the GUI and interface to get started testing the devices. The customer support has been excellent.

Dr. Raj B. Patel, Future Leader Fellow,

Imperial College London

I appreciate the Python API, the seamless plug-and-play functionality, ease of use, reliability, and quality - reasons why I’ve chosen to use it for several projects.

Kees Franken,

Fellow in Applied Physics, Harvard University

The device is nice and working well. It was easy to program it with Python using my custom code.

Hitesh Rahangdale, Postdoc,

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

We like the number of channels, ease of use, and integration with our Python code.

Kumar Piyush & Ashitosh Velamuri, Research Scholars,

IIT Madras


The next-generation of electronics & photonics integrated circuits

Close-up view of a modern GPU card with circuit and colorful lights and details 3D renderi

Chip-scale electronic photonic system

We offer chip-scale and OEM/ODM solutions for large-scale integration.
Please contact us for more information.

Nicslab Logo

Nicslab, a fabless chip company, developing electronics and photonics integrated circuits for future optical solutions in data centers, AI, and quantum computing. Our solution controls the light to process information, transfer data faster and more efficiently

Nicslab Photonic Integrated Circuits


Multichannel Source Measurement Unit 

A complete, compact, programmable, affordable, and easy-to-use multichannel source measurement unit (SMU) for low-power applications from simple electronic circuits to complex photonic integrated circuits. Our product range includes options with various channel quantities. Control and reading tests on voltage and current have been conducted for up to 1000 channels (Link).

Wide Range of Applications

There are limitless possibilities to use our SMUs which can also be used as a photonic driver. Below are several examples that utilize our products. 

Photonic Chip icon

Photonic Integrated Circuit

Photonic Integrated Circuits

Focus on source, measure and control of a Photonic Integrated Circuit. We work for the best to give a stable and precise result to fulfill your needs.

Fuel Cell icon

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell

The efficiency of making battery cells will be maximized, by using our products which have a high level of precision and accuracy.

Solar Cell icon

Solar Cell

Development with a high level of precision and accuracy will met upon our product. The solar cell is the one case in which you must know.

Solar Cell

Radio Frequency icon

Radio Frequency Testing

Radio Frequency Testing

Development of Radio Frequency will tend to be better with high resolution and precision of the sourcing point that we have.

wafer testing-02.png

Wafer Testing

Ensures the quality and functionality of individual integrated circuit (IC) chips by testing each semiconductor wafer to detect and identify defects, faults, or performance issues

Wafer Testing

Battery Testing icon

Battery Testing

Cell testing is intended to be the critical point of battery testing that requires high precision and accurate sources. You can solve it with the help of our product.

Battery Testing

Our Source Measurement Unit Unique Advantages

XDAC-120U Front Image


  • 3x cheaper

  • Rich feature

  • 20x more compact

  • Simple set up and easy to use

  • Leveraging Open Source Platform

  • Integrated with large channel density


A versatile and compact device that’s an essential instrument for conducting a variety of electroanalytical experiments. It’s designed to generate potentials & measure currents, and interfaces seamlessly with a personal computer for easy operation through dedicated software.

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