Compact, easy to use and scalable Source Measurement System

...and smart meter, high-speed network driver, instrument monitor, AI core and much more 


From energy to quantum computing:

  • Simple to complex electronic devices

  • Photonic integrated circuits

  • Modulator bias controller

  • Multi-channel electronic

  • Laser current controller

  • Multi heaters controller

  • TEC system controller

  • IoT system solution

  • Home automation

  • Instrumentation

Better control, more accurate with rich features

  • Enable range span configuration through software

  • High-resolution control 16-bit standard

  • High scalability 120 channels in a box

  • Flexible unipolar and bipolar output

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Functional GPIO

  • USB ports

Your new source measurement system

The scalability, flexibility, and performance of the XDAC revolutionize the conventional source measurement unit. For the first time, we've built a complete scalable source measurement system experience. Whether you're sourcing devices, measuring parameters, automating experiments or analyzing data, you'll find the easy to use and flexible experience - but on a compact and much more cost-effective instrument. 

Real-time monitoring

XDAC equipped with high responsivity sensors per channel and a high-resolution converter combine with high-speed real-time voltage & current reading.

Flexible output range

Your XDAC comes with range span configuration technology that enables the user to select the output range with software without loose control of the high-resolution feature.   

Easy to use GUI

We are making the graphical user interface simple with many features depend on what you need.

High scalability 

Start from 8 channels output per unit to 120 channels in a single box. It also enables distributed control for the larger channels. 

Get started

Check out our step-by-step assistance:

How to prepare XDAC for your device for the first time


  • Single supply (+,-) for XDAC-XU and Dual supply (+, Gnd, -) for XDAC-XMUB.

  • Ethernet cable and router or WiFi access.

  • PC or workstation with ethernet or internet access.

  • XDAC Graphical User Interface software (included along with shipped item).

  • Learn how to set up, configure, and update your XDAC.

  • Discover the whole features of XDAC.

  • Read more detailed documentation on configuring your XDAC.

  • Find out about accessing your XDAC remotely.

For industry and lab who don't want to spend budget on equipment that is complicated, bulky, and expensive. Nicslab creates a device to help them manage their work with easy to use software, 20x space-saving, and 3x cost-efficient. 

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