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Nicslab Will Be Participating in the 2023 SPIE Startup Challenge Series A/B Finals

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Just like this year, Nicslab will again attend 2023 SPIE Photonics West in San Fransisco, California, United States (US) on 31 January 2023 as a finalist in Series A/B Startup Challenge.

Our founder, Andri Mahendra, Ph.D. presented during the 2022 SPIE Startup Challenge. Source: SPIE.

In this current challenge, Nicslab will be pitching among other companies such as Comptek Solutions, Scantinel Photonics, and Scinvivo. For the 2023 challenge, Nicslab joins the deep tech category, as Nicslab is a fabless chip company that develops electronics and photonics integrated circuits (EPICs) for future optical solutions in data centers, AI, and quantum computing. See you all in San Fransisco!